Friday, November 18, 2005

Quote of the day

"[Alan Shearer] at least attempted to compensate for merely parroting Alan Hansen last Saturday by sitting in a manner which foregrounded the contents of his trousers, a move which sustained callers to 6-0-6 for much of the programme. (Incidentally, given that all these players-turned-pundits now receive media training, perhaps they could spend a week being given finishing school tips on how to sit in a way even approaching demure.)"

The Guardian's Marina Hyde suddenly comes across all hot under the collar at the sight of Alan Shearer's package.

Only a couple of weeks ago we posted about Shearer's response to the question "Who's the longest in the shower?" - "Titus Bramble", said with a wry smile. If Ms Hyde and many female viewers are to be believed, then he's a pretty modest chap. Me? I couldn't possibly comment - I was far too engrossed in the match analysis to be glancing at crotches.

For some reflections on the Guardian article, see Musings From Middle England - not a football blog, but a very astute commentator: "Now there's nothing about either Alan that has ever led my eyes to wander southwards during their analysis of the match. But I think I might have noticed if any blatantly rule-breaking tackle had been on display. It's true that both Alans got rather excited by England's stunning victory but I don't think it was the kind of excitement that would have led to tumescence, or what the Young People now call a 'stiffy'".


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