Thursday, July 14, 2005

Turk in Toon

Following Scott Parker's move to Tyneside, another protracted transfer deal has finally been completed this afternoon, the club confirming that Emre has at last signed on the dotted line.

The Turkish international midfielder certainly doesn't come cheap, having cost £4m in transfer fees and been handed a five year contract worth around £60,000 a week.

This is at least in part why the jury's very much out at the moment, but also rather worrying is the former Inter Milan player's temperament. We've just got rid of Robert, Bellamy and Kluivert - we really don't need another expensive primadonna.

Still, I guess we should wait and see what he does on the park. There's no doubting he's a real talent and, as with Parker, money issues will be forgotten about if he performs to the best of his ability and helps us to a more respectable league position than last season, and maybe even a cup.


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