Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tu es un imbecile

Look Laurent, there were times we loved you. Times we thought you were wonderful. Times we were glad we'd missed out on Boudewijn Zenden and signed you instead. Times when that £9.5m looked like money exceedingly well spent.

Those times were rather too few and far between, admittedly - but they existed.

But even now - even after all those wasteful corners, lazy performances and pathetic whinges in the press and on your personal website - there remains some sympathy and fondness for you on Tyneside.

So SHUT YOUR GOB before it all dwindles away. Those fines should hit you where it hurts.

You've moved on. You've got a new club, new team-mates and a new city to adapt to. Get on with it, and stop dredging up past grievances that don't matter anymore.


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