Friday, October 15, 2004

Up the Duff

Judging by this post on Chelseablog, it seems the rumours about the possibility of a Toon bid for Chelsea winger Damien Duff - fuelled by recent comments from Souness about potential transfer targets - have caused some merriment and rib-tickling Dahn Sarf.

Mr Blingo Starr may well scoff at Fat Freddie claiming we're one of the eight biggest clubs in Europe, but then where the fuck were his beloved Blues before a certain Russian roled into town, money spilling out of his pockets and paving the West London streets with gold? Their ground's a shitehole, and in last season's home game (let's ignore the away match, eh?), even with an understrength side and despite their advantage of Abramovich's millions, we still beat them.

Of course, even if Chelsea were prepared to even entertain the idea of a bid for Duff (which is far from certain), the whole thing potentially smacks of the Rooney saga all over again - we start off the bidding only to sting another club flush with more cash and more attractive to the player into action, and we end up losing out.

But I'd love it, just love it if we somehow managed to poach him...


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