Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quote of the day

"We have limited resources at the moment and when we lose one or two key players it hurts the team badly. That is what the manager has had to put up with, unfortunately. That is something the club have to put right for next season. We need quality players and we need a quality squad as well. This has all been brought out to a lot of people but we, as players, knew that. I think the fans are getting to see that now."

Big Lad shows he's got the balls to state the obvious and point the finger at Jabba, though perhaps only because he knows he'll almost certainly be shown the door in the summer. It's also worth pointing out that he appears to exonerate the Silver Fox of his share of the blame and to excuse the woeful lack of effort displayed by the players he does have at his disposal (Big Lad included)...

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