Friday, January 03, 2014

View from the Home End

Our strong performance in the first half of the season has, I suspect in the minds of the board at least, given them cause to believe that they won't need to do much business this January and unless someone comes in with a Rocky-esque bid for one of our players, can't see much changing that. If we didn't have cash available for signings in the summer, then I can't see how that will have changed over the last few months, and unless someone leaves we will probably be pretty quiet. 

We may yet go back to Bafetimbi Gomis or someone else in the last few months of their contract and see if we can't get them in early (a bit like we did with Moussa Sissoko and Goofy last January), but without the threat of relegation hanging over us there isn't the incentive to pay for players we might hopefully sign for free in six months' time. 

In practical terms, I remain of the view that we need another striker (and a permanent deal to sign Loic Remy wouldn't go amiss either). Otherwise, really it's a case of adding quality if the chance arises. I can't see us rushing out to plug gaps (striker aside) which our current form suggests don't exist. What we lack in depth of squad is currently less of an issue given we're only fighting on two fronts (and Saturday's FA Cup game against Cardiff might yet halve that number), and with 33 points and minimal ambition from the board there really isn't the incentive to push for a Europa League spot and to be blunt the Champions League looks beyond us. 

A pacy winger wouldn't go amiss if one were available, and a departure for Obertan Kenobi would almost certainly be welcomed by all concerned, but that aside I'm hoping for a quiet month in which we keep hold of our best players, but as this is Newcastle frankly anything could happen!

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