Thursday, January 16, 2014

Progress report

High time we checked in on Rotherham to see how our two loanees James Tavernier and Haris Vuckic are getting on there - here's Millers fan Michael Stevens with his verdict:

"Tavernier has been excellent. He looks like an upper Championship/ lower Premier League player. He can defend, has a rocket of a shot and goes past people at will.

Vuckic, in my view, has been really poor. For all but one game, he has been 'on his heels'. He is painfully slow, very easily shoved off the ball and doesn't move or anticipate passes. Due to a lack of movement, he offers little threat, regardless of his obvious talent. His effort levels have been very low. He doesn't appear to challenge physically or aerially, which is criminal at lower league level. He does possess exquisite touch and a good shot, but it feels like we're playing with ten men. I can only assume he is best in midfield. Up front, he just seems sluggish to me."

Very interesting, I think you'll agree. Of the two, it's definitely Vuckic of whom we have the highest hopes, so it's concerning to hear that he's proving such a flop even in the third tier. The Slovenian has shown flashes of promise for us, even briefly breaking into the first team a couple of seasons ago (admittedly partly due to the unavailability of others), but has often been thwarted by injury. Michael's right in suggesting his best position isn't as a striker - he's more of a playmaker who needs to operate centrally rather than out wide, but then represents a risk because his lack of strength and tackling ability leaves the central midfield dangerously light.

Tavernier, on the other hand, has not really been regarded as a player destined for the Newcastle first team, so it's encouraging to hear that he might yet provide useful back-up to Mathieu Debuchy.

Thanks to Michael for his thoughts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gavin millers fan,young tavernier has been outstanding!like a young danny alves!(loads of pace ,good shot and can do it all day long).have to say i prefer him to be a winger walses past defenders easily. i though vuckic has been ok but havent seen enough of him yet,thanks for loaning them to us .championship hear we come!

6:48 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Very interesting, Gavin - I don't think anyone at Newcastle had Tavernier pegged as a potential winger! Can't be any worse than Obertan, mind...

Glad to be of service - and in any case you're doing us a favour too by giving them game time and experience (or perhaps just putting them in the shop window for us).

11:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must say Tavernier has been an excellent loan deal, only wish like every other millers fan it could be a pernament!!! Vukic, hot and cold, would be surprised if an extended loan deal would happen or even signing as permanent. Lee, millers fan

7:51 pm  

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