Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shorter and sweeter

Interesting stuff in the Guardian, who have analysed the stats from our impressive back-to-back victories against Chelsea and Spurs and concluded that a significant change of style has taken place. Gone (thankfully) is the aimless hoof 'n' hope of last season, and in its place a shorter passing game that relies on swift counter-attacks. That's certainly been a noticeable feature of our three away wins so far this season, and is perhaps attributable to the presence of Loic Remy in the side (not that hoofball was perfectly tailored for Papiss Cisse, mind).

One person who's no doubt delighted by the change is Dreamboat, who initially signed up after discussing footballing philosophy with the Silver Fox and who must therefore have felt somewhat betrayed by last season's tactics. The new approach (or, rather, reverting to the old approach) suits him far better, and is probably one of the reasons why his performance levels have been so much higher this time around.

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