Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Llambiarse to the slaughter

As if life wasn't complicated enough following the return of JFK, today has seen Llambiarse tender his resignation with immediate effect.

Llambiarse's departure itself is hardly cause for wailing and gnashing of teeth, and while I'm prepared to acknowledge the good work done under his stewardship to balance the books and get us back on an even keel after years of largesse under Fat Fred, he will forever be tainted by the undermining of Keegan, the damning employment tribunal verdict which followed, his restaurant revelations, rebranding St James' Park and jumping into bed with Wonga.

However, with JFK newly installed (and indeed predicting Llambiarse's departure in his buttock-clenchingly embarrassing TalkSport interview), we're now in something of a state of turmoil at a time when we need to be getting ourselves organised so we can strengthen the squad for the campaign ahead.

If Jabba's plan was to shake things up after last year's poor performances he's certainly done that. Whether we're now scrabbling round to find a new managing director or whether tomorrow will see the latest unveiling in our newly restructured board is up for debate, but at the moment it is all very unsettling and doesn't bode well for next season's campaign.




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