Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quote of the day

"I know people will have picked up on my comments about not caring about the result against Arsenal, which were, of course, a joke. It is definitely not the case that I would be happy for us to lose 4-0 against Arsenal on Sunday. I simply want our players and fans to be able to enjoy the game without looking over their shoulders. Even though we are now safe, we will be putting in the same effort that we would for any other Premier League game. Our last two results at St James' Park - against Sunderland and Liverpool - have been nowhere near good enough, and Sunday gives us the chance to put that right. We want to end the season on a positive, to finish in as high a position as possible and to give the fans something to cheer about on the final day of what has been a frustrating season."

Oh yes, "of course" they were a "joke", Silver Fox...

In fairness, after a draining and stressful season and drunk on the sheer relief of Sunday's vital victory over QPR, I think he can be excused his off-the-cuff remark without having to resort to dishonest excuses. All the same, in the cold light of day I'm sure it certainly didn't look very funny or clever to his employer, just as it didn't to St James' Park season ticket holders. Or, for that matter, Spurs fans who are still hoping we can do them a big favour in the race for the final Champions League spot.

Realistically, though, I suspect a tonking is indeed on the cards - we've picked up more injuries, look completely spent and are up against a superior side who will be hungry for points.




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