Wednesday, May 08, 2013

SAF off

Taggart has finally called time on his managerial tenure at Manure today, signalling his intention to depart for a life of pointing at his watch and chewing gum while his wife potters her way around Morrisons filling the trolley with Tennants Super.

Much as I have loathed his whining, his petty spats with the press and his constant haranguing of officials, equally I've now reached a stage where behind all the dislikes there remains a grudging respect. He's achieved a lot, and for that he has been deservedly lauded.

I still can't forgive him for causing Keegan to crack as our quest to win the title in the 90s imploded though.

Of course, having signalled his intention to go in a couple of weeks, any successor presumably will need to account for him still sitting at his desk at the end of June...




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