Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party poopers

Well, there's one less thing to worry about - we won't be confronted with evidence of players' bad behaviour in the wake of the club Christmas party this year, because there isn't one. The Silver Fox explained the rationale behind the decision to cancel the annual shindig: "It’s out of respect to our fans, and what we’ve served them this year."

Commenters to the Ronny Gill story essentially fall into two camps, and I can sympathise with both. On the one hand, it's an honourable gesture, an indication that those at the club realise the gravity of our predicament and are prepared to show a degree of contrition at how poorly the team has performed, especially relative to last season's sparkling triumphs. And yet, on the other, it's perhaps a missed opportunity for some light relief and team bonding amidst the gloom. Given the club's successful theme days, you have to wonder whether it wouldn't have done more good than harm to go ahead with the party.

And not only is the club as a whole not celebrating, Demba Ba isn't either, with Zambia skipper Christopher Katongo having been named 2012 African Footballer Of The Year ahead of our prolific striker and our tormentor-in-chief on Sunday, Yaya Toure.




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