Friday, September 28, 2012

Look to the future

The year 2020. Just imagine it: computers and mobile phones that can operated by brainwaves, hoverboards the primary mode of transport, everyone walking about in Bacofoil suits. And the Silver Fox still in charge of Newcastle. At least that's the plan, the manager having just signed a whopping new long-term contract. He's not alone, either - John Carver, Steve Stone and goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman have also all agreed new eight-year deals.

Responding to the news, Derek Llambias used the examples of Man Utd and Arsenal as proof that "stability gives you the best platform to achieve success". Which is all fine and well, but the pessimistic part of me can't help but fear (no offence to the Silver Fox) that things might go pear-shaped and we'll be stuck knowing that jettisoning the manager and his team will be an extraordinarily expensive move. Given our recent history of having to continue paying off managers long after they've been given the boot, you do wonder whether this is Mike Ashley's wisest move.

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Blogger skif said...

Must admit my eyes came out on stalks when I saw that on Ceefax (or whatever you call it now).

My club's been a bit scattergun with contract extensions for managers over the years, but certainly not to that extent!

9:44 am  

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