Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quote of the day

"It seems that the three 'soccer' teams big enough to get window space in the Orlando Mall sports shop are Barcelona, AC Milan, and some what bizarrely Newcastle!"

The Facebook status of my friend Rich, currently over in the US for work. Clearly our pre-season tour had a positive impact, even if we hardly suggested we were worth supporting by losing 1-0 to local non-MLS side Orlando City. Another Stateside jaunt this summer, perhaps, to help boost our revenue? Maybe - we wouldn't have to worry about ASBO's criminal past, though the Lone Ranger certainly wouldn't be welcome...




Blogger Unknown said...

Here's the Link back to the I Wish I Was a Geordie article about the possible 2012 trip to Philly.. Nothing confirmed yet, the article is from Jan. 31, but they are real journalism people over there and I don't think they would post something like that with out some facts to back it up.

Besides the additional revenue (I would need to purchase a jersey for my youngest) and exposure, trips like this are also good team builders (much like the paintball trip).

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