Saturday, March 17, 2012

On hold

Unlike a number of others of late, it seems as though Danny Guthrie's going to be waiting until the summer before discussing a new contract. Perhaps the club's inaction is a measure of the fact that he's been less integral this season than Sideshow Bob, Tim Krul and Raylor, all recently tied down on new deals. But he's generally done well when called upon (particularly when the African Cup of Nations robbed us of Mr T) and would certainly be a loss to the squad if not to the first team, were he to leave.

With Mr T possibly sidelined for Sunday's game against Norwich through injury, and Dreamboat suffering something of a wobble in form, now could be his opportunity to prove himself worthy of a renewed commitment from the club. If so, then he'll need to be a bit sharper than he was in the Ronny Gill's interview, during which he claimed: "You’d rather score a last-minute goal than concede one. It just improves the morale". Thanks for that, Danny - best do your talking on the pitch, eh?




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