Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Name not in our name

"Council notes the decision of Newcastle United Football Club to change the name of St James’ Park to the Sports Direct Arena.

Council agrees with the overwhelming majority of supporters who believe this is the wrong decision.

Council confirms that it has no plans to change any existing wayfinding signs which bear the name of St James’ Park and calls on the club to reconsider their decision.

Council also agrees to write to the media to request that they continue to use the name of St James’ Park in all their reporting and refuse to make use of the name Sports Direct Arena.

So read a Newcastle City Council motion passed unanimously on 11th January. Honourable, stubborn defiance there - but sadly likely to fall on deaf ears. The chances of Jabba reconsidering seem slim, while the BBC have already brushed off the media plea: "It is not the BBC's place, as an impartial public broadcaster, to decide or debate on whether this is correct or not, rather to report on the matches which take place on the field."

Perhaps our best hope remains the possibility that a corporate sponsor might be found who would insist on reinstating it as St James' Park as part of the deal. Mr Branson, might you be persuaded to change your mind?

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