Friday, December 09, 2011

Claret and blues for JJ

I know that during his time in the goldfish bowl Jermaine Jenas became good friends with the Little Waster, but there is such a thing as taking paying homage to your role model a step too far. I suppose we should just view it as divine justice, given that Villa fobbed Stephen Ireland off on our treatment room last season...

Elsewhere, unwise blabberings to Dutch journalists suggest that perhaps losing out to Fulham over Costa Rican striker Bryan Ruiz on transfer deadline day wasn't such a disaster (well, those blabberings and the fact that he's been a pricey flop thus far this season). Meanwhile, Lamine Diatta (remember him? Probably not) has joined Habib Beye as part of Dean Saunders' increasingly multinational (and aged) squad at Doncaster.




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