Saturday, November 05, 2011

Quote of the day

"I'm still adapting to the Premier League; it's the best league in the world and, at the moment, its pace is taking a lot of good things out of my game. I'll be better when I adapt fully."

The mouthwatering words of the Dreamboat as he charms his way through an interview with TBW (with translation provided by Olivier Bernard, no less).

Other revelations include his closeness firstly to the Xisco Kid and latterly to Spidermag and Sideshow Bob and the fact that he was sold on the club by Antoine Sibierski and Franck Dumas (that the latter speaks highly of us was, to me at least, somewhat surprising).

Anyway, you can read the whole interview here.




Blogger Ben said...

Interesting to read too that he grilled Pardew on his footballing philosophy before signing and could have been a Vietnamese international!

6:13 am  

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