Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world

For an owner for whom financial prudence is apparently imperative, losing £50,000 on one roll of a dice makes an interesting change. Perhaps it was that pint that made Jabba feel flush and reckless - much as that downed pint in the stands at the Emirates was closely followed by events which led to King Kev's departure and our relegation? I wonder what Alan Pardew made of watching Jabba happily splash the cash...

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Blogger cupiddstunt said...

Running the club sensibly is a good thing and what he does with his personal money is a completely different matter.

So he likes to gamble every now and then so what????

Keeping the two separate is only common sense and good business sense.

And forget the £50,000 that sum is only relative to the wealth of the gambler a very conservative estimate is it’s about %0.02 of his worth, a little like you having £100 in your pocket and going and betting two pence, it’s all relative.

I for one think it’s looking like he is doing a good job at the moment, a very shaky start yes but looking like it’s on the right track now, and I buy a couple of lottery tickets every week which is a hell of a lot more reckless that his betting £50,000 relatively speaking.

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