Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ASBO opens up

A few points of interest in this interview with ASBO, as he talks about his departure from Tyneside, his relationship with Alan Shearer ("He tries to be cutting-edge"), Twitter and the democratic music policy he helped to instigate in the St James' Park dressing room.

Recent comments from Alan Pardew, meanwhile, hint that ASBO's departure has been for the good of the club: "In the past they've had a few names who weren't pulling 100 per cent. I look around my dressing room and I don't have anybody like that. Everybody is pulling, we're all having a go, and there's no siege mentality - and with some of the media criticism we could have had that - we've just tried to be the best we can be." While you couldn't accuse ASBO of giving less than 100%, at least in his last season and a bit at the club, he was at fault when it came to the direction in which he was pulling...

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