Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No man's landed

No new arrivals on deadline day - how depressingly predictable. Good thing Paul promised not to hold his breath - otherwise Black & White & Read All Over would by now be a one-man operation. He'll be back in the morning to give full reaction to our transfer window activities and inactivity, but in the meantime here's to four months with Leon Best leading the line and Jabba doing a Father Ted: "The money was resting in my account"...


Trust ASBO to take to Twitter and stick the boot in: "Nice to see MA and DL come through with their promise to reinvest AC money, 59m net profit from transfers in last 5 seasons.....ambition???"

Meanwhile, Nile Ranger was rather more succinct: "What a joke". In some ways, the most sensible tweet he's ever come out with - though at the same time it's unlikely to help reconcile our wayward striker with the powers that be...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Ashley explain what is going on
At this once famous club
Now just one big disappointment after another
Been supporting this club for 52 years
Wont be renewing season ticket unless
Ashley Dies a horrible death

12:17 am  
Anonymous Christer Westerberg said...

It is unfortunate that a striker couldnt be found during todays window. I am not looking forward to the games which will feature Shola Amoebi as this is a striker that is below premiership quality in my meening. Now I am not going to say more about that, just point out that the Window have been a sucess in the Midfield for sure and there is much needed pace. There will be some suprises for the competition. I do feel that HBA should swich ti a striker position, giving us options with Marveaux and Obertan on the wings. We have to hope that Ba is health as well as the Defenders in the club. Now we do have real good youngsters in the club, it is their time to shine. Kadar, Vukic, Sammy and we do have Ranger still. we have 4 months of hoping for miracles.... Come on Lads

12:32 am  

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