Friday, August 26, 2011

Magnificent seven

Seven years (and 1833 posts) ago, this blog came blinking into the daylight, with younger, less jaded versions of ourselves welcoming readers to "a brand new blog dedicated to the discussion of the splendidly self-destructive and calamitous circus that is Newcastle United".

At that time, Fat Fred was in charge and SBR was plain Bobby Robson and was to remain manager for a matter of days, while we harboured dreams of signing a young jug-eared granny botherer for £23 million, having just bid farewell to one of the finest centre-halves to ever wear the black and white stripes.

In the intervening period, we've seen changes to the board (the gruesome twosome being replaced by a Tatooine-based crime lord and his cronies), a frankly ridiculous nine managers, countless players come and go, one gut-wrenchingly painful relegation and a similarly triumphant promotion and a general shift from hedonistic excess to austere pragmatism.

Still, as we said in the beginning "life's never dull at St James' Park" and we've certainly been proven right on that score, and while all around us the house has fallen and been rebuilt numerous times, we're still here and still going strong: older, wiser, generally slightly more cynical, but still clinging to the dream that one day we might see us lift a major trophy.

Ha'way the lads!


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