Monday, June 20, 2011

New boys

Perusing Twitter over the weekend, I noticed a couple of articles concerning two of our new acquisitions which I thought were interesting.

The first deals with our new target man Demba Ba, with applying an interesting statistical analysis to his time at West Ham, and comparing it to Messrs Nolan and Rocky, whose goals he will be required to replace next season. Pleasingly, at least in mathematical terms, it looks like we've picked up a decent replacement.

The second is courtesy of Football First. Then Life. which gives a good account of our new left winger (albeit written at a time when the author thought he was off to Merseyside). Heartening to note we look to have added some pace to our attack, albeit slightly injury-prone pace. Hopefully Marveaux will prove to be adept at providing the ammunition for Ba, Big Lad and co, rather than simply being a French Wayne Routledge.

Both links courtesy of @gibfootballshow

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Blogger Ben said...

"Many coaches could rightfully consider some of Marveaux’ attitudes on the pitch as disrespectful to the team effort" - hmm, remind you of any other French left-sided midfielder of our recent past?

He comes across as a bit of a curious player - blessed with blistering pace, but no natural inclination as a wide man and no ability to cross. Perhaps Pardew will try to use him infield, behind a striker (or strikers)?

7:37 pm  

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