Monday, May 16, 2011

Ranger danger to his own reputation

The Lone Ranger has apparently sought to live up to his namesake by being photographed with a replica gun.

That bastion of news, the Sun, reports that Ranger was photographed posing with a gun which one of his London mates had been carrying.

Now, I'm not about to leap on the moral high ground here, but given Ranger's previous brush with the law, it's probably not the wisest thing he's ever done, or for that matter, a sterling example to be setting to kids.

However, the bigger learning curve for the player might be that he needs to pick his friends better. It's not like he's been snapped by the paparazzi here. Instead, one of the people he was with took a photo which ended up in the national press. Something Ranger might wish to consider before posing for photos in the future, no matter who is taking them (or perhaps something we should insist on going into his next contract, like Man City did with the no-necked text pest).

Update: According to the BBC, a club statement has confirmed it was only a replica and the photo was taken not by a male friend but his girlfriend. Ranger can expect a stern dressing-down. As we found ourselves sick of saying to Rocky, grow up you idiot - or you really will be a Lone Ranger, booted out of another club.




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