Monday, May 16, 2011

Quote of the day

"We got relegated on the Sunday, then had the meeting on the Monday or Tuesday and were told they were coming back to do it all on the Thursday. But they never did. So in the end there was no point going into the office any more."

Alan Shearer, speaking to the Guardian about the end of his dealings with Jabba and Llambiarse in his time as Newcastle manager.

In the interview, the Lion of Gosforth goes on amongst other things to wax lyrical about Lionel Messi and talk about the "right way" to drop Little Saint Mick.




Blogger Ben said...

Fascinating interview. Most of us suspected the plan was for Shearer to stay at the helm beyond those eight games. The behaviour of Jabba and Llambiarse was staggeringly unprofessional and childish - how hard would it have been to come out and tell Shearer they'd reconsidered?

7:27 pm  

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