Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Kev kicks out

Thought King Kev might be prepared to forgive and forget over his treatment at Jabba's hands, since being vindicated in court? Well, think again. Here's a selection of his choicest comments to ESPN viewers on Sunday...

"You know I don’t like the owner there — I took him to court — but if they’ve played well of course I’ll give them the credit. But I’m not scared to say the best day they’ll have is when he goes because I know that’s true."

"[The cash received from the sale of Rocky] is not going to be reinvested, is it? I think that’s obvious. As a Newcastle fan, if Carroll is the only one you are going to lose you have to be pretty thankful. There may well be other players going as we speak. I think they’ll sell two more players and then he’ll sell the club. And that’ll be the best day Newcastle fans have, when he sells the club."

"I’d love to be able to give Newcastle fans some encouragement but I can’t see it getting any better in the short term."

And to think, before his run-in with Jabba, Keegan used to get criticised as a naively optimistic idealist. He'll be forming a tag team with Wigan's Dave Whelan next.

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