Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ben Arfa hasn't got a leg to stand on - he's got two, thankfully

Over the years we've grown accustomed to lurid tales of players getting legless, but it seems that could have literally been the misfortune to befall Hatem Ben Arfa in the wake of that bone-snapping tackle from Nigel de Jong: "I needed a second operation because I had an infection. It was a big infection which could have been very dangerous. I was told that I could have had my leg cut off if they didn't operate on me very quickly".

In the interview with Canal Plus, the Frenchman also reiterated his gratitude to his new employers for their support during what has been a dark and bleak period of recovery and recuperation: "Newcastle showed me so much respect and a lot of live that I want to give back to them. I will give everything I can for this club because they trusted me and, for a human being, that is really touching."

Meanwhile, the Daily Heil have reported comments from agent Willie McKay suggesting that ASBO is open to the possibility of negotiating a new deal. However, the stumbling block at present is the length of the mooted contract, with the 28-year-old wanting three years as opposed to the two on the table, and McKay, wily as ever, dropped an unsubtle hint to Jabba that his client may soon have alternative offers: "He wants to get back into the England squad and believes he can do that with Newcastle but his form has attracted a lot of interest." His splendid display against Wolves on Saturday may just have harmed our cause in one respect, then...

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