Thursday, April 07, 2011

ASBO worry vis a vis visa

Oh the humiliation. Our US pre-season tour now booked and featuring fixtures against Sporting Kansas City, Orlando City and Columbus Crew, it looks as though ASBO will have to be interrogated at the US Embassy in London to be able to secure a visa, thanks to his time doing porridge for assault and affray. Even then he's likely to only be granted a restricted visa, so will find himself unfree in the Land of the Free.

Of course, that's dependent upon the in-form Scouse workie ticket deciding to stay with the club. One of his most ardent admirers, allegedly, are Villa, but they would be out of the equation if they were to slide down to the Championship. A highly unlikely scenario, admittedly, but one which became just a shade more plausible with the revelation that Glenn Roeder - the man who set Watford, West Ham and Norwich on the path to relegation and did poorly in his second season in the St James' Park hotseat - has been recruited by Gerard Houllier to assist with scouting reports...

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Blogger Unknown said...

Wait a second... US Tour? When was that announced?

Your going to make me drive to Columbus of all places and on a Tuesday... Whose idea is that?

1:02 pm  

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