Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shit hits the fan

Time to wheel out that old headline - for it's being reported that young Master Bellamy has been up to his old antics. Following in the footsteps of our very own ASBO, Wor Al's text mate is alleged to have indulged in a spot of fisticuffs outside a fast food establishment (Caroline Street being better known in the Welsh capital as Chippy Alley) and has been released on bail.

In other aggro news, it transpires that on Saturday, far from being assaulted by an enraged Toon fan as was first pathetically assumed in some quarters, Stevenage left-back Scott Laird was actually dealt a post-match haymaker by a local out to avenge the fact that, er, the player once used to go out with his missus. Say what you like about the pitch-invading clown, but you can't deny he was more intent on a knock-out than our woeful side was...

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