Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quote of the day

"I did ask for a left-winger. If it comes off, then fantastic. He's down the road in South Shields and in the area, and we would welcome him on board. If that's going to happen, it would be fantastic for the club. It just lifts the brand and what we are trying to achieve, and it might give a little more street cred, if that's the right word, to what we are trying to do."

Ol' Cauliflower Face's masterful reaction to the news that Arsenal supporter David Miliband has been invited to join the Mackems' board. Because the very first thing I think about when I hear the name "David Miliband" is "street cred". On the other hand, it's a perfect fit - what with Miliband most recently famous for suffering humiliating defeat on the public stage to a close rival...




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