Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quote of the day

"We don’t know the real reason behind Chris leaving. We were told it was push the club on to the next level and a lot of us questioned Alan’s appointment.

There’s a lot of stories going round this week about our dressing room – player revolt, backlash and all that. We care too much about each other first and foremost to act so unprofessionally.

It wouldn’t happen in our dressing room because there’s such a great spirit in there. And we also know it’s not Alan’s fault that Chris got sacked. Obviously he’s come in and he’s got to pick off from where Chris left off and it’s nothing to do with him why Chris has been sacked. That was a decision made at boardroom level.

We had a meeting with the chairman on Thursday before the new manager was appointed and we all said our piece. A lot of the senior players said exactly what they thought and the reason we did is because we care greatly about this football club. We care about pulling on the shirt and going out and performing.

And obviously we're entitled to our say. Ultimately it doesn’t come down to us, the running of the football club, but as I said 'Look it’s important for us to say how we feel, let you know how we feel' and all our opinions were heard and we move on.

Interesting post-match comments from ASBO, underlining that the players certainly didn't sit back and passively accept Chris Hughton's departure, instead insisting upon what is usually euphemistically referred to as "a full and frank exchange of views" with the hierarchy.

As good as it is to know that the players were prepared to speak out in Hughton's defence, the comments raise a couple of questions. Firstly, aren't the fans - who also "care about pulling on the shirt" and support the club financially and emotionally - not only also entitled to their say but to Jabba and Llambiarse having the decency to listen, for a change? And secondly, is it just me or is ASBO bristling at suggestions he might have behaved "unprofessionally" frankly laughable given his track record charge sheet?


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