Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fab and Flappyhandski

Another superb display and winner in the capital, with Fabio Capello looking on, looks to have put Rocky in the frame for an England call-up for the forthcoming friendly against France. Arsene Wenger had the unusually good grace to stop whingeing for a moment and endorse Rocky's claim for inclusion: "He has presence, charisma, confidence and is intelligent on the ball. I had doubts about him when I saw him a year ago but he has improved tremendously." When Wenger waxes lyrical about a young player, he's usually got a point. Let's just hope for Rocky's sake that Capello only reads the back pages, eh?

Meanwhile, ASBO - who might himself be in danger of a phone call from Fab if he carries on the way he has been - has revealed our cunning plan on Sunday: target our opponents' weakest link, the man nicknamed Flappyhandski. In truth, though, I don't think we actually put him under as much aerial pressure as we should, and the victory owed at least as much to the fact that Chris Hughton's stifling defensive tactics were spot on and implemented in exemplary fashion by the players.


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