Saturday, July 24, 2010

Play it again Bram

Look who's just signed for the Mackems: Agent Bramble! Maybe Ol' Cauliflower Face isn't a plastic Geordie after all...

All joking aside (for the time being), during his time at Wigan Bramble proved - as we'd feared might be the case - that he could very often (if not always) be an excellent defender, and indeed he took the opportunity to do so against us.

Earlier this week I was asked what sort of reception he might get when he appears back at St James'. I ventured that it probably wouldn't be any worse than for any other Mackem - the standard response to his customary cock-ups when wearing black and white being bemusement and a shake of the head rather that outright anger, largely because his promise and effort were at least evident, even if his concentration span was shorter than ASBO's temper. But I'd forgotten about both his post-departure slating of the fans and scoring a late, late goal that was a contributory factor to our relegation.

So here's hoping Titus' return to the North East means he'll be back to being on the ball for 89 minutes and wondering what he's having for his tea for the rest - especially when he's up against us.

Meanwhile, another ex-Newcastle player who turned to the Dark Side has been making waves at his current club. The original subversive, Agent Chopra, has threatened to quit beaten Championship play-off finalists Cardiff if they don't strengthen the squad before the new season kicks off.


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