Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cash to splash invest prudently and cautiously

Maybe not money to burn, but money to jingle at least. That's the message from Chris Hughton, who claims that - contrary to what that infamous statement might have suggested - there are transfer funds available to him. Jabba's been rummaging around down the back of the sofa, it seems.

The cash appears to have been handed out in the manner of a patronising father to his impetuous son - "Don't spend it all at once, now..." - with Hughton toeing Jabba's party line and making plain: "The sums we had to spend then are not there any more. We have to be careful and get value for money." Fair enough.

But, indulging in some more expectation management, he also said: "I have to be realistic. One year ago we were plying our trade in a lower division. It has to be a growing progress. We have to become a steady member of the top flight." Well, yes, but to do that we'd probably have to spend a decent amount of money in order to get the players to ensure survival, first and foremost. THAT's realism, I fear.


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