Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spotlight on Spidermag: Argentina v Nigeria

Trust Maradona. In Argentina's opening game in the World Cup yesterday, the mad bastard decided to deploy our dashing winger Spidermag out of position at right back, and with a narrow three-man midfield in front of him giving him no protection down the flank. Little wonder, then, that he found it tough going, while it became one area that their Nigerian opponents targeted.

With the news that Danny Simpson will miss the start of the new season recovering from his operation, could Spidermag be pressed into service in his place? Somehow I doubt it - Chris Hughton has some tactical nous and surely wouldn't be prepared to not only effectively neuter one of our most potent attacking threats but also expose him to potential embarrassment.

The introduction of Obafemi Martins from the bench in the second half coincided with increased sprightliness among the Nigerians, who sensed that Argentina's squandered opportunities and cruise control still gave them a chance of snatching a result. Our former striker did hit one long-range rocket of a shot that unnerved pony-tailed 'keeper Romero, but it wasn't to be.

Meanwhile, Oguchi Onyewu was part of the USA side that held England to a disappointing draw, the defender instrumental in keeping Wayne Rooney alarmingly quiet.


Blogger Unknown said...

The "disappointing draw" really depends on which side of the pond your on. ;-)

I didn't see the Argentina match, but when ESPN talked about it they mentioned how bad Gutierrez played which really surprised me considering how well he played towards the end of the season. Playing out of his position makes sense.

Oh well, here's hoping to see the spiderman mask (as long as it's not against the US or England).

6:04 pm  

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