Friday, March 05, 2010

If the cap fits

A little while ago, Ben posted his thoughts on the impact that a salary cap would have on our prospects of Premier League survival, in the event that we win promotion this season.

Watching Monday night's edition of Late Kick Off, it was announced by Steve Stone (who currently works with our U15s) that Chris Hughton has already been operating under such a cap, and his transfer dealings in January were presumably within that structure. The threshold in question: £15,000 per week.

Now I know that I'd be more than happy with that as a pay packet, but even in these austere times is that threshold going to be high enough to attract players of sufficient calibre to keep us up?

Obviously, it's not clear whether that threshold would rise (to somewhere around the £30k mark perhaps) should promotion be secured. I'm all for intelligent fiscal strategies, and the years of Fat Fred throwing money at players regardless of the financial consequences are, thankfully, behind us.

However, we've equally got to be able to sustain a strong enough squad to make survival in the top flight a realistic goal. To do that, Jabba will need to either loosen the purse strings or flog the club to someone else who will. If he doesn't, we could well fall into the trap of becoming a yo-yo club: the Boing Boing Magpies, if you will.


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