Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank heavens

Anyone else got heartily sick of walking in a winter wonderland trudging miserably through the slush and snow? Well, it's perhaps worth reflecting that the elements have at least done us one favour.

Judging by Reading's superb performance at Anfield last night, a step up from what was already a very creditable display at home in the original fixture, it was probably a good job our trip to the Madejski was postponed courtesy of the weather conditions. Had it gone ahead, I suspect we may well have been in serious danger of becoming only the second side to lose there this season.

The match has now been rearranged for 23rd February (assuming, that is, that neither side happens to be require an FA Cup Fifth Round replay that week) - hopefully by then the Royals will have reverted to form and we can approach the game with a little less trepidation.

Of course, the postponement of Saturday's game also gave us a break which, on the evidence of our comprehensive dismissal of Plymouth, seems to have been beneficial. Paul's report on our smooth passage into the Fourth Round to follow.


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