Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tam's the man, says Nicky

Confirming Pilgrims fan Lloyd's verdict on Tamas Kadar's performance at Home Park on Saturday (see comments box), here's Nicky Butt on our Hungarian centre-back:

"I thought he was superb against Plymouth. He has been unfortunate with injuries, he had a bad leg break last season, but if he stays injury free he is going to get a few games here and there and he is coming along really well. He has improved immensely this season.

The club has tried to sign promising young players over the last couple of years and Tamas is one of those who is starting to emerge now.

You have to be patient when it comes to young players. He is growing in confidence around the place and you can see that on the pitch. It is really encouraging the progress he has made.

So, a glowing endorsement for one of our most brightest hopes from someone whose star is starting to wane. Indeed, Butt's comments were made during an interview in which he confessed that he may be hanging up his boots come May. If he does, there'll be a twinge of sadness - after a sticky start to his career at St James' Park and the season on loan at Birmingham, he's largely proven himself to be a competent and committed professional (certainly in contrast to a number of those with whom he's shared a dressing room since arriving on Tyneside).


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