Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow go for the Mad Stad

Confirmation came through earlier today that Saturday's game against Reading has been postponed due to the weather. Better that the match falls casualty to the weather than any supporters trying to get to the ground, to be honest, and at least travelling fans have been given plenty of notice.

As someone for whom the Madejski Stadium must be the closest league ground, I can vouch for the conditions locally - the snow's still lying up to about 8" deep in places, while it's getting very slippery where it's being compacted, melting and refreezing again. (It's not just a case of southern softies not liking a bit of cold, honest...)

Incidentally, I was intrigued by the Reading website's revelation that "thick ice has accumulated on 20 rows of terracing, staircases and vomitories". Could the stadium really be fully equipped with a system of channels and gullies for the conveyance of the stomach contents of those who've overindulged pre-match? Alas, no - turns out "vomitory" is just a fancy word for an entrance/exit...

The postponement means that West Brom will have the chance to close the gap at the top to just three points in the Friday night fixture (assuming that survives the freeze too). But, thankfully for us, their opponents Forest are in fine form and remain - remarkably - unbeaten away from home. Here's hoping for another draw for Billy Davies' men.


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