Monday, October 05, 2009

Quote of the day

"It has had a damaging effect on my career and has not been fantastic for me, but you have to make decisions and live and die by them."

The Poison Dwarf on his experience on Tyneside. Well, boo-fucking-hoo.

In the wake of the tribunal verdict over compensation for King Kev, it was inevitable there'd be weaselly words from the man Fat Mike essentially backed over the club legend. But quite why Wise still seems so fiercely loyal to Ashley, towing the party line about Keegan potentially dragging the club into administration, is mystifying - given he confirms that, as suspected, his departure when Wor Al arrived in April was hastened by Ashley's boot up his backside.

Wise claims that Ashley made a pre-court offer for more than Keegan ended up walking away with, implying that he was a fool not to accept - and thereby completely failing to understand that it wasn't about the money but about clearing his name and vindicating his departure on the grounds of breach of contract.

Of the Gonzalez loan deal, Wise said "The long-term idea was we would have a relationship where we would have first option on all the best young South American kids, and that was important to the club" - the implication being, of course, that Keegan was stubbornly standing in the way of progress. Pesky principles, eh? We wouldn't expect you to understand, though, Dennis.


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