Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do one, Dennis

With Alan Shearer set to be formally unveiled as our new manager (well, caretaker caretaker manager...) tomorrow, there's another reason to be cheerful: the poisoned dwarf has been told to fuck off back down the A1. Hurrah!

Presumably Shearer swayed Mike Ashley into making the decision - or perhaps even demanded it as a condition of his agreeing to sign up. Just a shame that it didn't happen sooner - or, more specifically, that it didn't happen when things came to a head with King Kev about control over transfers. Wise's departure now could be interpreted as Ashley conceding he was wrong to back the impish, taxi-driver-loving tosser over KK - after all, the comment in the club statement about there being "no plans to appoint a replacement in this role" effectively marks the final dismantling of the off-field structure he put in place at the same time as Keegan's appointment. Too little too late, perhaps - but at least we're a stubby, gobby, waste-of-space ankle-biter lighter.


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