Friday, October 02, 2009

The final say

The arbitration tribunal sitting in judgement on the sorry saga which resulted in Newcastle Utd parting company with Kevin Keegan have now published their judgement.

Ultimately the judgement exposes the club as having made deliberately misleading (that is to say false) statements in the press. Keegan believed he was to have the final say on all transfers - something the club echoed in public. In private however, the club were happy to foist at least one player (Ignacio Gonzalez) on the manager whom he expressly did not want.

Apparently, and this is in many ways the most damaging element of the whole affair, the club board, including the poisoned dwarf and his fellow executive directors, agreed to sign Gonzalez as a "favour" for a couple of South American agents, in the belief that these agents would then look kindly on us in the future.

Despite Keegan repeatedly telling the board that he did not want Gonzalez, the club overruled Keegan and signed him anyway - which prompted Keegan to see their actions as amounting to him being constructively dismissed.

The whole judgement can be found here. The only person emerging with any dignity is, unsurprisingly, Keegan.

All that can be hoped is that the conclusion of this process means that the sale of the club can now proceed quickly and the fat Cockney bastard gets out of our club.


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