Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture imperfect

Ever wondered why there aren't more pictures on this site? Well, largely it's down to laziness, to be honest - but here's another rather more troubling reason, as highlighted by Doncaster blog Viva Rovers.

The lengths to which the Football Data Co have gone to prevent images taken inside grounds but not even of the action are utterly ridiculous. "We have good intelligence", they claim, clearly getting a thrill out of being able to make themselves sound like the US government or James effing Bond.

Glenglenglen's final response is sharp, to the point and beautifully sarcastic, containing as it does the line: "Rest assured any future match images produced on the site will consist of artistically crafted collage interpretations made from finger paint, glitter and dried pasta".

Was anyone else aware of this particular "ground regulation"?


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