Sunday, July 26, 2009

So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you

Today saw Alan Shearer back at St James' Park for the England Legends v Germany Legends exhibition match - but what price a permanent return? While Shearer himself has somehow managed to maintain an impressively dignified silence on his current state of limbo, his close friend Rob Lee has confirmed that, as might be expected, the odds are getting longer by the day.

"I speak to Alan every day and he’s frustrated to say the least. He’s coming to the end of his tether now. He’s waited for ages and been told that things were due to happen, but nothing has and he’s very frustrated."

Waiting ages, being told that things are due to happen and being very frustrated as a result? Let's just say we know how he feels.

"He organised all the pre-season games at the end of last season but he also had targets in mind that he wanted to bring in to the club. Now it looks like he will miss out on them."

Bet the players are quite glad he wasn't around to welcome them back into the dressing room after yesterday's friendly - a performance which indicated, of course, that reinforcements (particularly of a defensive nature) are exactly what we need.

"I’m amazed he hasn’t already told Newcastle that he doesn’t want the job any more, but there will come a point where he says, ‘You’re too late’. He still wants the job desperately but you can’t expect someone like that to wait forever. He’s not daft and they’ve had ample time to sort something out."

Hear hear. Fingers crossed there'll be a positive resolution - but only if Ashley pulls his own fat pinkie out pretty darn sharpish.


Speaking after scoring the winning goal from the spot in the Legends match in honour of Sir Bobby Robson's cancer charity, Shearer himself commented on the current situation: "I am the same as everyone else, I am in limbo - I don't know what is going on. I know as much as you. I would dearly love it to be sorted out one way or the other then the club can move forward. Everyone is telling me there are people in to buy the club. If that is the case, then great".

Responding to rumours his patience might soon break and he might walk away, he said: "I don't know where that's come from, it's certainly not from myself". Er, how's about having a word with your mate and Legends teammate Rob Lee, Al?


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