Saturday, June 20, 2009


Unusually for Newcastle Utd, it's been a bit of a slow few days for news - so let's take the opportunity to direct you to Black And White Toon, a new site very much along the same lines as ours (though with considerably better use of the sidebar...).

The site's author David has already broken ranks to give positive (if tentative) credit to Mike Ashley for reportedly agreeing that the spine of the side (namely Steven Harper, Nicky Butt and Steven Taylor) shouldn't be sold this summer. Bold words - but I hope he's right.

Also recently added to our blogroll is The Two Unfortunates, a brand new site founded by a Reading fan and a Plymouth supporter but which is devoted to non-partisan, literate coverage of the Championship. "Perhaps Europe’s most exciting league"? Not long now until we get to find out for ourselves... Thanks are already due to them for pointing us in the direction of BHaPPY (not BSaD), a good-looking Watford site.

Incidentally, if you want to know what I get up to on Newcastle's days off, there's a report of my visit to Abingdon Utd in late March up now on Skif's perennially excellent Dub Steps. Add that to my visits to Cardiff, Didcot Town and Bury (the latter with a Gillingham-supporting friend) and it's safe to say that if you spy me turning up at your club's ground next season, expect to witness a grim defeat...


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