Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Better the devil you know?

Having, yesterday, bemoaned the apparent inactivity around the club, we're today confronted by a BBC is report that Fat Fred is heading a consortium who are preparing to lodge a £60 million bid for the club. Given that he personally made more than double that when he sold his shares to Ashley, that's not a bad bit of business for Fat Fred.

I'll be honest, despite all my frustration at the complete inactivity since the end of the season, the prospect of Fat Fred gurning his way back into St James Park doesn't exactly fill me with joy. As I have mentioned previously, when last in charge he did a very good job of feathering his own nest without addressing the serious problems that his management was creating in the club's finances - something Ashley found to his cost when he bought the club.

Even with Alan Shearer on board as manager, I worry that this could rapidly become a case of deja vu should the fat one take charge again.


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