Thursday, February 12, 2009

What becomes of the broken hearted?

With news that JFK's troublesome blood pressure was symptomatic of a much more serious problem, it's been confirmed that our current interim manager is to undergo a quadruple bypass operation on Friday.

Inevitably, that operation on its own would cast doubt on a 62-year-old returning to the reins full time as manager in the near future. When you add in the fact that JFK has a history of heart problems, it would seem that our rollercoaster season has put paid to another manager, and we'd just like to wish him a successful operation and a full and speedy recovery.

In JFK's absence, Chris Hughton steps back into the caretaker role he filled so abysmally in September (although to be fair, the departure of Keegan left major ripples which inevitably undermined the squad) with Colin Calderwood, our newly recruited coach, for company.

Calderwood himself has only recently been jettisoned from the City Ground, where, having got Forest playing some half decent passing football and promoted back to the Championship, he's paid the price for a poor early season which saw them looking likely to return from whence they came. However, under new manager Billy Davies (and Newcastle old boy David Kelly) Forest have started to haul themselves towards mid-table security. Why is this relevant, I hear you ask? Well, following the regime change, Forest keeper Paul Smith was quoted as saying that under Davies "training has improved and is a lot sharper and quicker". Which hardly bodes well for Calderwood's impact on our squad.

Thankfully, the Guardian article on the subject notes that even if Hughton and Calderwood are found to be out of their depth, the poisoned dwarf is unlikely to dust off his managerial coat, for which we can all be grateful. However, the prospect of Terry Venables appearing in the home dug out might well rear its perma-tanned, ruddy cheeked head again. Apparently El Tel is kicking himself for not taking the job when he was offered it last time. He must be the only one.

Still, if the Daily Express is to be believed (and you can draw your own conclusions on that subject), we really could do worse than Venables, with Captain Lager apparently being sobered up so he can take the job in the short term before Ol' Cauliflower Face gets the job full time in the summer. Even given our chronic history of ill-judged decision making, nobody at the club is THAT stupid, are they?


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