Friday, December 05, 2008

I h8 u

Apparently Roy Keane quit as manager of Sunderland yesterday by text message.

Presumably unwilling, or unable, to set foot in the dark place any more than was absolutely necessary, Keane simply texted Niall Quinn to tell him he was off. Suggestions that Roy's Mrs simply didn't want to do her Christmas shopping in the Bridges are unconfirmed, as are reports that Roy was offered some better paid seasonal work on account of his ever whitening beard.

Unsurprisingly a whole host of top class managers haven't been linked with the post.

Instead Fat Sam or David O'Bleary have both been quick to express their desire to take a job, any job, even that one, which presumably means that come January the Mackems will either see a flurry of untested foreigners or load of kids forming an orderly queue to take medicals outside the SoS.

If Fat Sam does get the job, do you think he might be interested in a Spanish left back, or a goal-shy striker turned midfielder? We can only hope.


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