Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A higher calling

Is there some unwritten rule that Newcastle strikers of the early 90s must take up unique new challenges in far-flung places once their careers have run their course?*

First Andy Hunt went to Belize to set up and run a luxury tourist resort.

And now Gavin Peacock has announced he's quitting his job as a BBC pundit to emigrate to Canada and train for a career in the church.

The fact that Peacock is a committed Christian is no secret, but all the same it's a surprising change of direction - not to say disappointing, given that of all the young turks spread across the terrestrial channels and Sky, he's the only one who talks sufficiently sensibly and insightfully to be considered Alan Hansen's rightful heir. Mind you, if I had a choice between being the Right Hand of God and being on Carlton Palmer's right-hand side, I'd probably plump for the former too.

So, what's next? Alex Mathie running for election in New Zealand? Ned Kelly going into orbit on a Russian space mission?

* Well, there's always one exception to the rule...


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