Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Titus ramble

So, who's in Have A Go At Us Corner this week? It's not Graeme Souness. Neither is it the other usual suspect, Sam Allardyce, though he does merit a mention... No, please step forward Titus Bramble. Nice to know that even though he "does not even bother to give interviews anymore", he can still bring himself to slag us off publicly.

According to the Widest Arse in the (North) West, "The Newcastle fans aren’t as good as everybody says". Really, Titus? Would these be the same fans who largely stuck by you, despite having to watch your concentration lapse at some point in nearly every game you played? OK, so you were often unlucky that your only aberration of the whole 90 minutes would be punished, the incident destined to be the only thing anyone remembered about the match and your performance in particular - but the fact remains we were supportive even when you stretched our patience and lost us games we should have won.

And that's the point - it wasn't just the occasional cock-up, it was very much the rule rather than the exception. Which is why Bramble's laughable claim that he needed to leave St James's Park to get first-team football because "you can only really get judged when you are playing week in week out" suggests an extremely short memory - he WAS playing week in week out, pretty much, and certainly wasn't short of opportunities to impress, so we were fully justified in judging him. And judge him we did - as not good enough. I seem to recall Glenn Roeder at one point flinging his hands in the air in despair - no matter how often he'd been told how imperative it is to remain alert at all times, Bramble remained susceptible to calamitious relapses.

It's no great surprise that, despite a decent spell through November and December for his new club Wigan (including our Boxing Day visit to the JJB, annoyingly), Bramble's back out of the first-team frame after a particularly glaring mistake against Everton. Ol' Cauliflower Face's verdict? "The boy has everything he needs to be a top player but the one thing he has to work on is his concentration levels". I believe they call it deja entendu...


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